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God is With Us in Difficult Times

Though the years of life we go through many happy and many difficult times. The good news is that we are never alone. God is always right beside us. I encourage you today to lean upon Him heavily. You will never go through anything that is too difficult for Him. Things often catch us off guard and surprise us but He is never surprised. He knows exactly how He is going to deliver us and bring us through to a place of peace and victory. He has promised us that He will work all things together for our good. Many times I have faced difficult hours and as was tempted to think, “How are you going ot make anything good out of this”, yet time and again that is exactly what He did. God can take the devils very best shot at us and still turn it around for good every time. I have been walking with God for over 50 years now and He has never failed me. Whatever you are going through today, I challenge you to release it to Him and see what He can do with your life. He will not fail you. He will bring you through this present storm. Juts rest in Him and His mighty power to perform miracles in your life.

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